Set up by former staff of MTQ Subsea Technology Pte Ltd in 2006, Eastar Offshore Pte Ltd acquired the entire ROV Intellectual property of MTQ Subsea Technology, as well as its available assets. Eastar and its wholly owned subsidiary Alam Subsea currently employ all the latter's key staff.

Based in Singapore, Eastar Offshore Pte Ltd offers Design, Manufacture and Operational support packages for its ROV range of products:
-  175hp Deep Swift Work Class ROV TMS System
-  125hp Work-class Swift ROV System
-  175hp Work-class Phoenix ROV System
-  Falcon Observation-class ROV / Kingfisher Observation-class ROV

16 of above ROV systems have been manufactured, and a further 1 is currently in production. They are owned and operated by various ROV companies. These ROVs have successfully performed work for major oil & gas companies, such as:
-  Exxon Mobile
-  Shell
-  BP
-  Agip
-  Chevron
-  Petro Vietnam (PV)
-  Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC)
-  ONGC India
-  China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)
-  Petronas (Malaysia)
-  etc

Eastar/Alam Subsea have an experienced engineering and operations team, and besides our operating capability we have the facility to design, manufacture & offer a range of work class & observation class ROVs with proven track records. In addition Eastar has manufactured specific tooling packages for a number of clients.

Alam Subsea is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastar Offshore. The Alam Maritim Group of Malaysia (listed on the KL Exchange) holds a majority stake in Eastar Offshore /Alam Subsea Group. The Alam Maritim Group offers vessel services as well as saturation and air diving services. Eastar brings to Alam its ROV design and manufacturing capability as well as ROV tooling expertise.

Alam Subsea adds the ROV operational experience. Alam Subsea is the ROV Operational arm of the Alam Group. It has quickly built up a reputation as an efficient and reputable ROV Operator.

In November 2009, Eastar and Alam Subsea moved to a newly acquired and directly owned 50,000 sq ft factory facility in Singapore. We proudly believe that this facility is second to none in the region.

Eastar Offshore Pte Ltd (200602786C)
19, Bukit Batok Street 22,
Singapore 659588

Tel :  66655322
Fax :  66650889